11 February 2011


Hye guys..since it's February..the month of hearts, chocolate,and ofcoz a month of love..tetibe aku ada idea untuk entry aku kali ni ak nak share dengan korang..bukan aku nak menggalakkan korang menyambut Valentine's Day tu..lagi pun entry aku kali ni xde kene mngene pun ngan valentine's day..hurrmmm..and i get this idea when i suddenly thinking about someone..hehe..dan aku rasa entry kali ni lebih untuk kaum lelaki kot..

Ok..untuk entry kali ni aku nak share korang macam mana atau apa cara yang terbaik untuk korang luahkan perasaan korang terhadap orang yang korang sayang even korang xtau if she/he feels the same..ada la gak beberapa kawan rapat aku tanya pendapat pasal ni..

"how to tell that u love someone when u are not sure tha he/she loves u back"..ramai yang berpendapat straightfoward is the best way..just be honest and straightfoward..but for me it depends..not all women out there are same..dan xsemua lelaki kat luar sane berani@gentleman kan..memang ramai yang kata takut atau nervous nak meluahkan perasaan tu..than u better rethink your feelings some more..no one waits forever..jika korang rasa hidup korang x tenang selagi die xtau apa perasaan korang terhadap die..then just tell her..IF U DONT TELL HER..CHANCES ARE..SHE'LL NEVER KNOW..pepatah inggeris ada mengatakan "those who are over conscious never gain"..so..if u really love a girl just go and tell her so..jangan fikir banyak..u will have to face your fear..bak kate pepatah melayu "jangan tunggu lama-lama..nanti lama-lama die diambil orang"..hehe

Don't think to much about what u want to say to her..and how u want to say it..make it simple..contohnye.."im in love with u".."i think I’m falling in love with you"..or simply.."i love u"..but..luahkan jika korang betul-betul maksudkannya..

One more thing..respect her reaction..hormat segala keputusan die..hormat perasaan die..beri die masa..jangan memaksa..if she loves u..then u'll be the happiest man on earth..if she doesn't love u back..your life isn't over right..it may hurt..but that's how she feels..if she rejects u..its ok..at least she's known that u love her..ask if she wants to be/stay as a friends..letting her know you care about her might help change her mind eventually..hehehe..

actually lisa surihani xde kene mngene pun utk entry ni..haha

p/s: remember..SAY IT IF ONLY U MEAN IT..jika korang memang ditakdirkan bersama..xde apa yang patut korang risaukan..time will tell..spread the love..^^


E F F A R I N I said...

yup,say only if u mean it :D

aku suke entry ni :)

AcongEduardo said...


ZAHRA ZAHRAwanie said...

eheee... acong niee... hahaha... daring btol~ as a girl la kan... we actually kindda get the message somehow if a guy 'shows' rather than say... well, if he says, then she'll be a lot more happier la of course.. but, action speaks louder than words rite? hehehehe.... a girl appreciates it (or gets d message) if u eventually asks her about her day, protects her from anything and everything and even everyone.... hehe.. goodluck!


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