28 July 2010

Boy vs Gurl

sHaalluuuuu..Salam kpd semua..Actlly aku agk blur hari ni..hahahaha
Aku pun xtau la nak sumbat apa untuk entry kali ni..tapi ngah syok aku godeh2 inbox, aku tertarik ngan satu email yang aku dapat dr sorang kawan aku ni..so dapat la idea aku nak share ngan korg utk entry kali ni..hehehe

BOY vs GURL :...

When a Boy is quiet,
Millions of things are running in his mind..

When a Bos is not arguing,
He is thingking deeply..

When a Boy looks at u with eyes full of questions,
He is wondering how long u will be around..

When a Boy answer 'im fine' after a few second,
He is not at all fine..

When a Boy stares at you,
He is wondering why are u lying..

When a Boy calls u everyday,
He is seeking for your attention..

When a Boy sms's u everyday,
He wants u to reply at least once..

When a Boy says ILY,
He means it..

When a Boy says IMY,
No one in this world can miss u more than him...

When a Boy says that he cant live without u,
He has made up his mind that u are his future...


When a Girl says that she cant live without u,
She has made up her mind that u are belong to her for at least a week..

p/s: renung-renungkan dan selamat.....................^^


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farhana said...

u sgud read men from mars,women from venus.huhu!


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